About Us At Tipsy Fruit Gins

Tipsy Fruit Gins was started by Colin and Phyllis Hingston as a partnership in 1998. In 2004, we incorporated the Limited Company when our daughter, Michelle Kruger joined us. She has since taken over the business but we are still a family run business, employing part time staff to help at shows and at busy times of the year.

Tipsy Fruit Gins are developed from an old English liqueur recipe. The method that we use for making our fruit gin liqueurs is based on a family recipe dating back to the 1840s. This is basically, Gin, whole fruit (no concentrates) and sugar into a barrel, and left to mature for at least three months, but up to a year for the Damson and Sloe. Damson gin has been enjoyed by our family for many years.

Where the fruits are concerned, we grow most of the Shropshire Prune Damsons ourselves on our smallholding in Worcestershire. In years where our crop is reduced by frost, we buy in from other smallholdings in the area. The joy of using these sources is that the fruit is grown without the use of any pesticides or herbicides. We are slowly replanting more of our farm with Shropshire Prune Damsons so that in the future we should hopefully be self-sufficient in them.

We source our sloes from where-ever we can find them. People send whatever they can pick from all over the country.

We buy the other fruits in from a local wholesaler except for the Seville Oranges which come from Spain. We use only Spanish organic Seville Oranges as these are the only ones that are not waxed.

Tipsy Fruit Gins are wonderful drunk neat as a liqueur at the end of a meal, or as a winter warmer in a hip flask.

The Raspberry and Blackcurrant make very refreshing long drinks when mixed with chilled dry white wine or cider. For celebrations, try a sparkling dry white wine for special effect. For a less alcoholic concoction, mix with loads of ice and soda water and a slice of lemon.

Seville Orange Gin is delicious drunk on its own poured over crushed ice or mixed with tonic water to produce a long refreshing drink.

Damson, Cherry or Blackcurrant make a wonderful base for sauces, to accompany rich meats such as duck or game birds. De-glazing the pan after frying or roasting these meats with either of these gins before adding the stock, will give a lovely fruity, caramel flavour to the gravy.

Pour the Raspberry over fresh fruit or ice-cream to turn an ordinary pudding into a quick, grown-up dessert.

Fill pancakes with whipped cream flavoured with castor sugar and cherry gin. While fresh cherries are available, heat fresh, stoned cherries in Tipsy Cherry and pour over the pancakes.

Our latest products are Chocolate based. ‘Chocrumba’ which is a delicious dark bitter chocolate liqueur. Great drunk over ice or added to coffee and hot chocolate. ChocOrange Rum Liquer great instead of a piece of chocolate after a meal, and more recently our Cherry Truffle, in which the dark chocolate enriches the Cherry.